Saturday, May 24, 2008


-Tremendous of drama/movie/anime
-Fast update
-Download speed extremely fast*
*You can download a movie within 30 minutes with 100.0 Mbps)
-Can watch whatever movies while downloading it.

-Chinese subs
-Procedures need to complete in order to watch the movies.
-What are the procedures?
01. Download the Qvod Player 3.0 software->Install->Open the software
Uploaded times - [1, 2, 3]
02. Go to seek your drama/movie you want to watch.
03. Once you find, a new window will pop up. All you need is wait.
For an e.g., My Girl/我的女孩->Click [1]->A new window will pop up.
Note: [1] mean episode 1 for drama or part 1 for some movie.

节目缓冲大约需要30秒。QVOD播放器常见问题与解决方法>> 防火墙的设置方法>> 更多帮助信息>>
本片采用QVOD播放系统,人数越多越流畅,边看边下(可打开Qvodplayer播放器-“工具”--“选项”里修改下载路径)。 XPSP2 连接数限制补丁 (XP-SP2系统的用户建议安装,能提升接收速度)

You can close the window/tab and use the software to watch.
All the downloaded video are located at C:\Media
Although you close the Qvod Player window, but it will still download. This can be explain why you open Qvod Player, you found that the video is aleardy downloaded. To cancel the download, at the right hand side name list->right click->click Disconnect.
You can download videos in the same time. At the right hand side name list->right click->click Received. Apply to all videos you wish to downloads.

Languages problem


All tvb drama has been removed. Kindly google yourself. Thanks.